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Landscaping in Syracuse NY: Knowing the Importance of Trees

The tree is a vital resource for society. The following excerpt focuses on the many benefits of urban tree. We hope that this text will take you to realize the importance of the profession of arborist and horticulturist for the well-being of present and future.Life begins with plants. Without the forest cover of our planet which includes more than 300,000 species of plants, animal life as we know it would never have existed. Continually adapting to the dynamics of their natural environment, these tree forms quickly invaded almost all of the land area to form the first forests.Trees have always been closely linked to human evolution. However, due to ignorance of the importance thereof or for strictly historical reasons, the parks have been among the first victims of urban development. The multiple benefits of trees in urban areas have often been forgotten. However, urban trees are essential to ensure a good quality of life. Only the knowledge and recognition of the benefits of urban trees can provide salvation. That is why we must ensure demonstrate the ecological benefits of trees and green spaces that must remain at the heart of our concerns.These benefits fall into four main functions are: ecological, aesthetic, social and economic.


The tree is the producer of oxygen. The phenomenon of photosynthesis, which are only capable plants, uses light energy to convert water and carbon dioxide in the food base for the shaft (sugars) and oxygen in the purified air. Trees have greatly promoted the advent of animal life on earth.


Trees and other plants affect the quality of the air we breathe, acting like real air filters (dust absorption). Indeed, pollutants and dust in the air may be captured by the leaves, thus limiting their movement within the environment.


The diversity of organisms, mostly in forest, is a fundamental measure of the health of the natural environment. The loss of a single plant species can cause extinction alone 30 animal species. The energy produced and stored by plants is a source of food for animals.


Landscaping Syracuse NY is very important because due to the busy life of people dwelling in the city, the importance of trees is taken for granted.